Saturday, October 24, 2009

Can you swim with fake nails?

i was just wondering cuz im thinking about getting my nails done tomorrow......and i like to swim!
Can you swim with fake nails?
Why couldn't you? Unless they're the kind you use for carpentry, and then I think I would avoid the water.
Can you swim with fake nails?
Im sure you can. And who knows, If you swim in a lake, you might snag a fish or two. lol So swim indoor in a secure pool!
Reply:yes, Why not?
Reply:not really the water does weaken the glue...but it kinda depends on the nails if your getting them professionaly done the glue should probable hold I did them myself before and some fell off...which is kinda gross..

You will drown.............
Reply:absolutely...i always do!!

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